05 août 2009

Peter Fisk and the Sense of the customer

For the first time on my blog, I am posting in English language, the mother tongue of marketers.
Come on, you French readers, it is time for your customer-oriented English lesson !
I am delighted to welcome to my blog Peter Fisk, the world-renowned author of the recent "Customer Genius", a book that I liked very much and reviewed in my last post.
Peter is such a workaholic that it is really difficult to summarize what he has done. Have a look at his numerous blogs and websites : marketinggeniuslive, businessgeniuslive, customergeniuslive, thegoodgrowthguide, rethink-business ! To introduce him in a few words, know that he was described as "one of the most interesting new business thinkers" by Business Strategy Review.
He agreed to answer to my "Sens du client" questionnaire and here is how he sees it from the United Kingdom (including high expectations on the weather in Marne la vallée : no offense, Peter !) :

Who are you ?

Author, speaker, consultant, coach ... I have been a business leader (including the world’s largest marketing organisation), written 6 books (on strategy, leadership, marketing, customers, sustainability and innovation), and spend my life travelling the world advising businesses, speaking and inspiring people, and learning more ... I come from Newcastle, have two wonderful girls, and love running, music and life!

According to you, what would define -for a company- «being customer oriented» ?
It’s easy to focus on customers, it’s much harder to think like a customer. A customer centric business starts with their customers needs, then create solutions; listens before it talks; pulls rather than pushes; creates value for them first, and then shareholders. It’s about doing every aspect of business – from strategy to innovation, communication to measurement, from the “outside in” not the inside out.

What is your opinion about the evolution of Customer service ?

Customers demand 100% solutions, they expect the very highest levels of service. Customer satisfaction is now a hygiene factor. In the past, customer service has mainly supported sales transactions. In the future, customer service will be about helping customers to do more – to achieve their goals, to create a better home, to achieve more at work, or whatever - more personal, more ongoing, more valuable.

Do you have a short story to tell us about customer service ?

We all have “horror stories” to tell about customer service – personally I really hate Ryanair, who will do anything to save money, reduce service, and annoy customers! We tend not to talk about our “great experiences” ... For me, I love the speed of ordering books from Amazon and getting them next day, designing my own shoes at Nike ID for just $10 extra, downloading music from iTunes in seconds, or a great day out with my family at Disneyland Paris (when its not raining!).

More info, blog, downloads on... thegeniusworks

Billet publié sur le blog "sens du client".

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