08 septembre 2006

I love American customer websites

You know it is the kind of website that I love : ratings from customers. This one, angie's list, gives you ratings from customers over 250 types of home service with 5000 reports per month.
Of course, contractors don't pay to be on the list.
From plumbers, automechanics to landscapers, you will know what company is reliable from a customer stand point. Price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, profesionnalism... every item is scored and information is given about the work they do for you. Each member of this simple and efficient website gives his comment. It's all about customer information and sharing usefull information and I love it ! American are way ahead other countries regarding these matters. And the thing is that Angie is having fun doing it (see picture) !
Il vous suffit de voir Angie en photo et de découvrir son site internet pour faire une nouvelle expérience d'un site d'avis de consommateurs à la sauce américaine. Les entreprises classées ici travaillent dans le domaine des services à la personne. 500 000 membres de 70 villes américaines donnent leur avis sur la qualité de service. C'est tout ce que j'aime...

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